Do you design websites?

No. We provide web content for website designers. However, if you require the services of a reputable web design company we’ll gladly refer you on.

What’s “high quality media content”?

(Head shots of staff for About Us page, LinkedIn etc.) (Product shots – customers don’t just buy a product they buy the emotional, visual connection. Our job as photographers is to help make that connection.) 

Videography – (Promos & Explainers.)
As the digital age continues to evolve – Video is where it’s at. There’s no better faster way to get you and your business message out there.

What is an Explainer Video?

Some businesses have their own lingo – head scratching bamboozling terminology that most customers can’t understand. And when customers can’t or don’t have the time to understand your business they may leave your site and browse elsewhere. With a Video Explainer we can easily communicate the most complex of products/ services of any business to every potential customer.

What’s the story with Blogs?

Blogs are like an online diary (typically 400-600 words plus image). They give business a voice, personality – so that customers can engage, get to know more about your business by staying informed of the latest products and promotional offers. Written in conversational style having a blog for your business has proven to increase brand and sales by 60%. Search engines like Google love blogs and will reward you for supplying interesting, topical and original content.

And Vlogs?

A short video version of blogs.

Do web designers provide media content?

Most of the time web designers will ask the customer to provide the web content.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes. Depending on business location we can meet on site and discuss your business and its media content requirements. Alternatively, we can discuss via phone/skype.

What happens next?

We send you a brief – on overview of the consultation outlining the requirements discussed. 

How much will media content cost?

All depends on what your website requires. We can provide one, some, or all of the services listed above. i.e. (Photography only) (Photography & Video) (Photography, Video & Blogs). Whatever the site requires we will tailor to its specific needs. 

Are there special offers?

Yes. We provide discount for combo packages.